Redspeed STV 450

Redspeed STV 450


FRAME MATERIAL: Molybdenum chrome steel
TUBES: Ø 30 mm
WHEELBASE: 10450 mm
AXLE: Ø 50 mm
BRAKING SYSTEM: BSM with new Ø 206 x 16 mm Brake Disk
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Aluminum machined components, Ø 8 mm Adjustable Caster Pills, AXP Wheels 130 Front / 180 Rear, and 8.5 liter fuel tank

Engine package sold separately
Optional $250 charge for professional assembly and race setup for local customers
Track side support and chassis setup for your first day at the track with your new kart is available
Shipping charged separately, based on location

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STV 450

New Racers
Designed by the OTK technicians for competitions with 4-Stroke engines, the STV 450 model can also be used in other classes with different engines, thanks to its great versatility and its exclusive design. The OTK R&D department wanted to create an optimal frame with several different motor platforms, in fact STV 450 is suitable for 4-stroke engines, VLR, VLR Jr and a series of other 100 cc classes.
The frame is supplied with a 50 mm diameter axle, two axle bearing supports, with the possibility of inserting a third, the front adjustment of camber and caster is ensured by a multi-hole bushing with 8 mm pin, the braking system has been upgraded with a self-ventilated brake disc, the wheels are the 130 mm/180 mm aluminum AXPs, and the M6 fairings and the adjustable rear bumper allow the STV 450 frame comply with the different geometries required by the different category regulations.  The STV450 frame has also been designed specifically for ENTRY LEVEL categories, paying attention to every detail, as is the custom of every OTK product, but with particular attention to the limited budget of users participating in competitions with this type of motorization.

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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 72 × 24 in
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